Tuesday, August 16, 2011

To do

Were at 39 days on the countdown and I'm constantly sick to my stomach. I fell like there is so much to be done when there really isnt (or at least I'm trying to tell myself that), however my to do list is telling me other wise.

And to top it off there is a to do list a mile long for our house:
Get walls ready and marked off in bedroom (stripes anyone?)
Paint master bedroom
Sand the HECK out of the walls, and get all the wallpaper remnants off the walls in bathroom
Paint master bathroom
Re-caulk and paint shed
Clean entire house with bleach (I have ocd)
Move the rest of my stuff in
Organize kitchen
Find a washer and dryer
Get dish washer fixed
Fix outlets in bathrooms (I have to be able to dry/straighten my hair)
Get new mail box (realllly want a pink one....)
Get internet (sorry I can't deal without it, especially if I want to actually blog)
Look into cable..... maybe, right now we get FOX and ABC so I'm set for the fall lineup
Get our yard in order (Tyler has been working 70+ hours a week lately so it hasn't been done)
Clean out the garage (I've never parked in a garage before and I really want to be able to put my TC in our little one car garage)
Paint kitchen knobs
Paint bathroom knobs
Organize our closet

There is more but I just can't think right now, and trying to think about it has pushed me to the brink of a panic attack which I did not want to deal with right now.


I will show you what we have done so far in the house though

Guest bedroom after paint (yup I hand did that design....)

Tyler in his office before we painted

Office after paint, he also added chair railing after this
Master bath with wallpaper

How it looks now (minus the wallpaper in the floor and all the bars on the walls)

So yup that's where were at with the house. The bed in the master is actually in the middle of the room because we didn't want to put it against the wall and just have to move it to paint. I feel bad for Tyler because he is living in a construction zone. And I hate to say it, but I don't want to live there while it feels like that...... Gotta get this stuff DONE!!!

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