Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Quadrupal stamped and Chemical peeled

Well over the past few days I have finished the tags for the favors! YAY!! I added our monogram to the back and the date of the wedding to the front, so yeas I double stamped again last night. Needless to say I was up late again. I also had the daunting task of cutting 300 strips of tulle to tie the tags onto the favors. Goodness gracious.
This is what 300 strips of tulle looks like!

At least thats one more thing off the to do list! Also today I got my second chemical peel, and it sucked just as much as the first one did. Which is to be expected seeing that it is basically acid that causes your skin to peel off. The girl that does mine was saying that she "loves the feeling of a chemical peel now because she knows the benefits of them" I responded with "like tequila shots, they burn but are totally worth it", I had to say something to take the edge off! The hand held fan she had blowing on my face was not helping as much as it should. For those of you that have never had a chemical peel here is how it goes:
  1. Sign a release form saying that you know that your face is going to peel off like a snake and if you pick at it you will be forever scared and or have hyper-pigmentation and you have to come in for lazer treatment/more peels to lessen the apperance of scaring.
  2. Your esthitician will then wash your face and neck which feels amazing!! Its the calm before the storm.
  3. Next is the medical grade acetone, yup the stuff they use to take nail polish off, "No its not the same as the nail stuff I promise". The acetone feels like she is rubbing a super cold ice cube all over your face, and don't breath because it stinks..... like acetone.
  4. Here comes the chemical part, it is applied with a cotton ball of death. It doesn't sting at first, give it 10 seconds..... They hold a little fan on your face which seems like its makes it worse until they take the fan away and you realize it feels like there is fire all over your face.
  5. After your whole face is coated a few times in the chemical you get to sit while she holds the fan on your face for a few minuets until the burning is tolerable. 
  6. Moisturizer is then applied all over which helps too, and your sent on your way with a little sheet of paper with the "Post Peel Protocol" sheet.
And to think I'm going back in four weeks to do it all again!!!!  I also can't tan my face...... epic fail, but its worth it to have beautiful, sexy skin!!!! Or at least I hope it is.  I will also post a picture in a few days so I can show everyone just how gross I look with flaky skin :) Get stoked.

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