Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Late night ideas

I have to be up for work in 5 hours but of course I can't sleep. Tyler is asleep in our guest room (its QFC week at work which means long/early days, so he stays here at my parents so his commute is about an hour shorter each way), and I'm wide awake in my room watching Pawn Stars. Anyways back to the point, I want to learn how to scrap book! It has always been an ambition of mine that I've just never actually done. In fact a have a super cute scrap book that I bought probably 5 years ago and has sat empty in my desk drawer since I got it. I just switched the monogram in the front from a B to an F, I figure it can be our first scrapbook of our married life. I plan to document it as best I can, wish me luck.
Soon to be "our first scrap book". I mean come on, after planning this wedding for a year, I'll have so much free time once were married! I'll have to do something with my life :)

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