Monday, August 8, 2011

48 Days to go

Why I've decided to start a blog in the home stretch of this wedding planning stuff I don't quite know. To be honest I started two others in the past year and have slowly let them die but this is it, the real deal! I'm vowing to keep up with this blog! I even set up a new email address today (using my future married name), which was pretty exciting in my book. However I feel like the process of switching everything to a new email address will be a pain, then I remind myself that out of everything I have to switch once were married the email address will be the easiest. I just decided that this post is going to be long, I'm going to attempt to sum up the past year and a half just to get everyone caught up on Tyler and I's relationship (since our future marriage is going to be the main focus of this blog).

August 18, 2009- First day of training at Ruby Tuesday, I saw Tyler for maybe 30 seconds (I don't even think he introduced himself even though he was a manager), went home afterwards and told mom that I thought the manager was cute.
September 14, 2009- Tyler basically begged me to ask for his number, so I did... forgot to save it, and had to go back and ask for it again (fail)
September 15, 2009- Stopped by Tylers apartment for a total of 15 minutes. We both knew we werent allowed to be hanging out and to be honest I didn't even make it all the way in to his living room, I just stood by the door the whole time.
September 16, 2009 - Went to Tylers again, made it to the living room to watch a movie.... He smooched me when I left and that was it, we've been a couple ever since.
November 18, 2009- My niece Clara is born, she is the prettiest baby ever (other then her sister of course)
December 2009: Our first Christmas together, and this is our adorable little Christmas tree that I cant wait to set up in our house this year! 

September 09- May 2010 - Tyler and I dated in secret until I quit Ruby Tuesday, he proceeded to ask me out in front of the entire staff on my last night, I couldn't say no. Lots of time was spent hanging out at his apartment.

 May 2010-August 2010 - We have an awesome summer together actually being able to go out in public and not worry about being caught!
  (The first picture is from our favorite hang out, Harris Teeter. The second is from the Jack Johnson concert... amazing!)
 September 16, 2010 - Our one year anniversary, I was sick so instead of the fancy night out he had planned we spent it playing chess, and watching movies at home. Oh yeah, and he PROPOSED!! I of course said "YES" and started planning instantly.
October 4, 2010- Found and ordered THE dress!!
October 5, 2010- Found out wedding venue, beautiful old church right in the middle of uptown Charlotte!! YAY!!!
October 9, 2010- My little Ella turns 4!!!
October 10, 2010- FOUND MY DRESS!!!
October 23, 2010- My best friend Ashleigh gets engaged too!!
November 18, 2010- My little Clara turns 1
December 17, 2010- Wedding dress arrives a month early!
December 25, 2010- Our second Christmas together, Tyler wasn't able to drive home to Virginia to see his family so he stayed with my family, it was awesome having him to help in the kitchen!
 January 1, 2011- HAPPY NEW YEARS!

Jaunary 9th- SNOW DAY (Have to show this off, one of my favorite ring pictures)

January 19, 2011- Food tasting (Yummy)
January 26, 2011 - Packing up the apartment...... Ready for more space

January 27, 2011 - Tyler moves into our house!! (there will be lots to add about the house in a future post I promise. First picture is from our first meal in the new house, with no heat and no table :), second picture is once all the stuff was moved in)

February 8, 2011- Tyler turns 27, I decorated his car while he was at work... he loved it no matter what he says

 February 10, 2011 - Horrible news, our venue is going into foreclosure...... Search for new venue begins
February 14, 2011 - Our second valentines day together, Tyler made an amazing dinner for us at home

February 22, 2011- Found new venue, awesome art gallery in NODA.
February 25, 2011- Got in a wreck..... NOT MY FAULT
February 28, 2011- Got in wreck.... NOT MY FAULT
March 10, 2011- FOUND A CHURCH!!!!
March 18, 2011- Booked DJ
March 19, 2011- Ordered bm dresses
April 3, 2011 - Engagement pictures done by my fabulous cousin/bm Katie

April 16, 2011- Engagement party hosted by my aunt and uncle
 May 16, 2011- RINGS COME IN!!!!
May 24, 2011- Booked florist
May 27, 2011- Bridal portraits: This will be a post on its own, the day was a mess.... Thats all I'll say right now
June 8, 2011- Booked baker (yummmm)
July 2, 2011- Found Tylers suit, he looks sooo handsome! 
July 11, 2011- Drop dress off for alterations, it doesn't quite fit, it WILL fit in 48 days though
July 21, 2011- Invites IN MAIL!!!!!
July 29, 2011- My 24th birthday.... ugh
August 2-3, 2011- Meetings with our priest (my uncle Brent)

And now here we are....... That is the quick list. Just wanted to get all that down. There are also a lot of little things of course that got done and marked off my "To Do" list, and there is still quite a bit of stuff on the "To Do" list.
That is just the front, there is a back, and a smaller list as well. It will get done though :) I hope.

On a side note, I have TLC on and just saw a commercial for "Surprise Homecoming" and why in the world is Billy Ray trying to bring back the mullet? That is not ok..... not in the least bit

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