Monday, August 8, 2011

300 holes to punch

I just punched out, double stamped, and hole punched 300 tags for our wedding favors.
My hands hurt to say the least, and I keep asking myself "why on earth did DIY sound like such a good idea"?
I still need to find a pretty pen to write the date on them (on all 300 of them, am I nuts?) so that is next on my list of things to find, hopefully I can find one at Michaels because I now have two 40% off coupons that are good until the 20th. Also discovered today that the Michaels in Sycamore Commons is way better then the one at the Arboretum (yes I went to both) in case anyone is wondering.
 This is my bag o' tags, doesn't look like much, but spread out on the ottoman in my den it looked like a horrible idea.
I also found out today that my nails are too long to be painted pink, they look hooker chic at this point, which is not the look I was going for. Until wedding day they will just have to be plain clear (lame)

Well that's the update on the wedding stuff for today, below is a non wedding stuff story...... Silly dogs.

The dogs got out today. My dad has a friend doing some work on our house and accidentally left our back gate open when he left. I was a bad parent and didn't notice it and let the dogs outside by themselves, five minuets later they were gone. The little one came back as soon as I called him (he isn't a fan of being outside anyways so I'm sure he only made it to the end of the driveway), Candy however was no where to be found. This has happened before so I just propped open the back porch door and went back inside "She'll come home when she is ready, hungry, or thirsty." which I figured wouldn't take too long seeing that it was 100* today. Well time goes by, and no Candy. Then my phone rings, its mom, the people in the house that backs up to ours found her and I need to go pick her up. Now I have never met said neighbors so instead of just walking through their backyard, I get in my car and drive around the block to their house. I ring the doorbell and an older gentleman answers with Candy on a leash, mouth soaking wet from water/slobber and he looks at me like I'm a terrible mother who has let her child (dog) run freely. I unclip the lease, thank him for finding her and manage to drag her down the front stairs and into my car by her collar (why didn't I think to bring her leash I'll never know). Then our 5 minute car ride was spent with the radio off, ac blasting and Candy sulking in the passenger seat. Not once did she even try to put her head out the window. At least she knew she had done something wrong so I didn't have the heart to fuss at her. Needless to say the moral of the story for me is to always check the gate before I assume its closed.....
This is a picture of a picture because I can't figure out how to work my phone (yes I've had it for several months now and still can't get the pictures off). She wouldn't even look at me during the drive, she just sat and drooled all over my car seat. I feel bad for the next person to sit in that seat. Oh well they're taking a risk even getting in the car with me, a little dog drool on their pants wont be an issue I'm sure.

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