Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas with the Foley's

I was determined to come up with some sort of Foley Christmas tradition and we figured 
it out last night. We did Christmas early at our house, we put on pj's, had breakfast for dinner, watched Elf and opened the presents under our tree (which I felt bad because I only got Tyler two things and he went nuts and got a ton of stuff for me/the house, but he did wrap a few things for him saying they were from me haha). It was a lot of fun and something that we'll continue to do for years to come.

Of course I left my camera at home so I can't upload the 3 pictures I took last night but I did take one on my phone..... I got a puppy!!!!

No not a real one though haha. As I was opening the bag Tyler goes "now you've been begging for one of these for a while now so I figured I'd give in"
This little buddle of joy is our new pet haha. He doesn't have a name yet but he is going to live in my car with my cat and Pinky the flamingo. 
I also am now the proud owner of the Twlight card game, a zebra snuggie AND a SHAKE WEIGHT!! 

As you can tell Tyler is quite the prankster when it comes to stuff like this. We agreed to not do big gifts for each other this year (which is why I only got him two books, then I get home last night and there is a million things under our tree), but he went all out and got me all the random stuff I keep talking about wanting for the hell of it. 

Bah, 9 more hours of work then I have my three day holiday weekend. We're heading to Virginia tomorrow morning then Christmas with my family on Sunday. Should be a fun weekend, I'm ready for good food and family time.

Merry Christmas!!!!

<3 Bekah

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Our home Part 1

I decided to start a "series" about our home,
Right now the Hubby and I are living in a cute little 3 bedroom house out in the country.
This was taken last November before Hubby moved in back in February.

Here is our house lit up for Christmas this year (and my huge pink and green wreath that the inlaws got me). 
Right now I only have pictures of one room that's really done, I need to take more pictures and will get that done soon.

This is Tyler's office before and after, we painted and he put up chair railing, and decorated. I love it, its so cozy and full of books (which you can't really see from this picture but he has 3 bookshelves packed full).

Next time I update I'll do the master bedroom and bath. They're GREAT :)

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Everyone's doing it

I figured I'd join the bandwagon and make a Christmas wish list!
I'm at work bored and stressing over everything on my to do list for tomorrow and whats the best way 
to get my mind off of it? DREAM LIST!!!!

I want one of these little nuggets

The puppy not the coke, haha I want a little toy poodle soooo bad. I have puppy fever like hardcore.

I'd really enjoy one of these under my pink tree

That way I could take good pictures of my tree, and family, and new puppy!

A new tv would be fabulous!

However if we got a new tv we would also need a mounting kit, and oh yeah... cable!

These would be perfect for a new years party

Actually I would wear these with everything, pj's, jeans, gym clothes... etc... etc

And last but not least, I've wanted these for the TC forever

To be honest I'm not sure why I haven't just bought them for myself. I might have to do that and slip them under the tree signed "Love, Santa". None will be the wiser, I can totally act surprised, it would be a Christmas miracle!

So in conclusion I don't think my list is tooooo crazy. Tyler however thinks otherwise. I'm still crossing my fingers that a little ball of fur will be in my stocking when I wake up next Sunday..... I'm not holding my breath on that one though.

Saturday, December 17, 2011


I figured I'd do a whose who of my blog, aka who will and has been mentioned on my little corner of the world wide web (do people even call it that anymore?)
So we'll start with ME!
I'm 24, was born in Ohio, lived in Charlotte NC my entire life, in fact unlike most people I know I lived in the same bedroom from the day I came home from Ohio (I was adopted) till the day I got married. Other then these past 3 months of marriage the longest I had ever been away from home was 3 weeks on a trip to Canada (I cried alot the first week, I haven't cried at all since I got married no worries haha, I do miss my hot pink bedroom though).  I'm clumsy, a little spastic, love the color pink, slightly add, and severely anxious. And I'm married to the man of my dreams Tyler......

He is from a small town in Virginia but was lucky enough to move to Charlotte for college (he graduated from Queens University) where he stayed and met me in the fall of 2009! He can't sit still, loves to cook (yum), books are his favorite, is the biggest UNC fans EVER, and loves me :)

This is my BFF Ashleigh, before I got hitched we had the same last name but we're not related! She is my taller, blonder twin. She is getting married in April and I couldn't be more excited!

This is my other best friend, aka my big sister Lisa. We're basically opposites but it totally works. We're 10 years apart and haven't always gotten along but the older we get the closer we get which works for me!
These are my sweet nieces Clara and Ella, the little one is bigger now and so is the bigger one. Clara is 2 and Ella is 6. They are both absolutely nuts and I love it. Oh and they're pretty cute too, I don't want them to ever grow up and I tell them that all the time, however they aren't listening at all. In fact I told Ella this yesterday and she just stared at me then ran off haha.

These adorable people are my parents. They have helped shaped me into who I am today, I was totally spoiled by my dad growing up, and mom spent countless hours driving me from dance to piano to gymnastics etc. I love them both so much and are so lucky to have been specially picked to be lucky enough to be their daughter <3

There are a lot more amazing/beautiful people in my life and I could go on forever but to be honest my battery is dying on my computer and I totally spaced and left my charger at home... imagine that!

Anyways :) WELCOME TO MY LIFE!!!!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Yes I know I just blogged but a serious issue came to mind that needs to be discussed...... Prologue's.... Hubby and I had this discussion last night while we were cuddled in bed w our books (yes we are already an old married couple that read in bed). So anyways I open my book and start dying laughing for no reason (I was exhausted so being silly just happens). When Tyler asked why I was laughing so hard I turned and asked him if I have to read the prologue? "well I mean that's up to you I guess?"
Ok so here is my thought, if the author really wanted you to read it why not just make it chapter one?? They went to the trouble to write it and half the readers aren't going to read it. No that's not a factual statistic, I'm just guessing here.
"this is a serious question Tyler! It's 7 whole pages which is like 10 minuets of my time and I need to know if I should waste my time or not? If I skip it will I be totally confused throughout the whole book or will I read it and then halfway through the book realize it was a waste of time!? This is serious stuff!!!"
Poor hubby didn't know what to say and sat there in silence, I think waiting for me to just shut up so he could get back to his book.
Well this ended by me throwing the book on the floor yelling "I give up!!" and passing out a few minuets later.
I guess the point of this is to ask.... Prologue, read it or skip it?

Now I'm going to attempt to start this book for real even though the inner debate over the first 7 pages still rages on. Damnit

Oh and in case you're wondering I'm reading The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo


Woke up late....

So this is what waking up late for work looks like.... Totally turned my alarm off this am and hubby left early for work so he wasn't there to shove me out of bed. Which translates into the hairs being shoved into a weird pony and having to stop for an energy drink instead of my homemade latte :(

Monday, December 12, 2011

Obviously she has no class......

So I'm pretty excited. I'm updating on my new iPad 2!!!! Heck yeah! I won it at our annual Christmas party at work. I'm still figuring it out but I'm getting the hang of it. Speaking of our Christmas party on of the rudest girls I've ever met was there. Her boyfriend works with me and I'd never met her before and after last night I hope I never encounter her again. I'm not going to go into detail but Tyler told me after we left if I had been acting the way she was he would've drug me out of there in a hurry. She was just being obnoxious for no reason, cursing and bitching about everything.

I'm not going to go into detail about what all she was saying but her is a taste of our conversation,
Me: so what hospital do you work at?
Her: CMC
Me: cool, what part are you in?
Her: the OR
Me: oh ok, so what do you do?
Her: surgery.......
(Tyler said the look on my face when she said that was priceless. I wish I had responded better like by saying "omg really? I never would've guessed that!" or "well there are a lot of people in an or so are you a surgeon? Are you a nurse.... Etc?" but I was in shock from her ridiculous answer I couldn't think straight)
Me: we'll I just know a lot of girls that work there that's why I asked.
Her: we'll if they're still in school I wouldn't know them. (she had been talking about taking an exam today so obviously she is still in school?!)
Me: nope they're all nurses, they graduated over a year ago.....

And scene, I spent the rest of the night trying my best to not let my margarita take over and swing at her. I was proud for keeping my composure. Anyways so moral of the story.... Don't be a bitch when you go to your boyfriends company party....

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Gonna get fit ya'll

Hubs and I have made a joint decision to not do traditional Christmas gifts (the whole trying to figure out what the other one wants, then guessing, and stressing out, blah blah) and we're getting two things we both have been wanting.

Dont get too excited people.....

I'm getting the P.I.N.K method videos and Tyler is getting P90x. And we're both pretty freakin excited.

Yes it sounds really lame that we are excited about work out programs but its something we both have wanted for a while now and we figured why not do it now? We have gym memberships but living in the middle of nowhere is killing that dream. Tyler will go every once in a while if he gets off work early but if I went to the gym I'd either have to leave our house at like 6:30-7am every day and not get home till 9 after work or go when I got off then not get home till 11. Neither of those are good options in my book. I'd rather work out in my living room with my husband haha so at least we can spend some time together.

So add keeping track of our progress once we get our programs to the list of the *Things to do involving my blog* list.

Wish us luck!!!!

<3 Bekah

Wednesday, December 7, 2011


I spent quite a while yesterday searching and "following" blogs and I sign on today to find NONE of them saved on my dashboard...... Not even gonna lie, I'm not a happy camper. I don't quite understand why it didn't save any of them? I'll never be good at this internet stuff I swear.

In other news today at work was ridiculous, not one customer that came in was looking for a mattress (I work at a mattress store btw). One lady came in asking if we sold area rugs, a couple came in looking for a headboard, and another guy came in looking for a side board for his bed because his broke? How random of a day is that!?

Wifewise I am sick with puppy fever, like BAD. Then to make it worse two of the owners of the company I work for have cockerspaniel's (they're sisters, the puppies, not the owners) that are just over a year old and then today at the meeting they had two 6 week old puppies with them!! Oh my goodness I about died of cuteness overload. Tyler still won't let me get a dog which I understand because we both work crazy hours and puppies are expensive. But I still bring up the puppy issue at least once a day. At least I don't want a baby yet!

Also I've decided I'm going to read more. I just started a book today called Prep. I've read it before but it's been a few years so I figured why not read it again? I figure I'll go through all the books on my shelf, there are some I still haven't even cracked the spine of yet. Tyler and I also have started reading in bed, it's silly and he says it's like we're an old couple already but I think it's sweet. We agreed to not put a tv in our bedroom and we can only sit on our couch and watch our 3 channels for so long before it just gets boring (and uncomfortable! If you've seen our couch you'd understand. New furniture is on the long list of "needs/wants" for our house), so I figure I'll be able to get quite a few books knocked out in the next few months. I'll keep you updated on what I'm reading!

I'd like to apologize too for how boring these posts all look with no pictures. Like I've said a million times we don't have internet at home. I'm lucky enough to have it at work now but I don't want to put pictures on the work computers. I'll break down though and get a zip drive or whatever its called so I can transfer pictures on to it then upload them onto my blog so it will be more interesting, maybe :)

Alright it's closing time and I'm ready to get home to my hubby!!!!

<3 Bekah

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Clouds = Slow day

I'm at work as I write this and let me just tell you how exciting my day has been.... I've seen one person so far and she was this older lady who had just had lunch and her friend was talking about organic latex beds so she stopped in to see if we had those... "No ma'am but they are made with a soy base, maybe thats what your friend was talking about?" "No I don't think thats it, you see she is from California and everything there is organic, the east coast just hasnt caught on."
Needless to say she didn't buy a mattress haha.

So I've spent my day watching movies, clipping coupons (that will most likely never get used), and searching blogs.

The movies I watched to day are Water for Elephants (AMAZEBALLS!), The Help (FANTASTIC), What's Your Number (didn't really pay attention to be honest), and I just started Dear John but I've heard its wonderful and I'll probably cry, and seeing that I'm PMS'ing like a crazy person I'll probably cry during the movie and then again when I get home to my poor husband who will have to listen to me try and reenact the movie to explain the red eyes haha.

I can tell you this, I'm 5 minuets in and I'm already lusting..... after her long hair!!!! Mine needs to be at my waist asap, k thanks.

<3 Bekah

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

My mom stopped by work today and we grabbed lunch together which was fabulous but we got on the subject of my wedding and I realized the one thing I really regret is not having a videographer. It was something I kinda thought about but couldn't figure out how to fit it in the budget. But now when I think back I really wish I could have squeezed some things around in order to hire one. I'm so sad that we will never get to re-live that day through video. Pictures are fantastic don't get me wrong but a video would have made it so much better.

Thats my random thought of the day.

On a side note, I'm loving my new job! I'm getting rather pale from no tanning but it's totally worth it I think for this new opportunity. Also I enjoy having internet at work (where I'm at right now!). And I'm hoping with the pay raise we'll be able to afford cable and internet in the near future! Yay!!

Wife wise there are a few updates, I got our bedroom painted and it's amazing! Or at least I think so, one wall is striped with different colors of blue and the other three walls are a darker blue. It looks really pretty with our cherry finished bed and dresser and our white comforter. Its pretty but not girlie which for me was something I was struggling with (I'd have everything painted pink if I could!).  I'll get around to posting pictures at some point.
I also got our Christmas tree up (yes it's pink) which I am SUPER excited about (Tyler not so much).

I think that's it for the quick update (as usual).


Saturday, November 12, 2011

Perfect Saturday

I'm sitting here with a glass of wine watching my husband cook dinner he somehow is throwing together with random things he found in my parents kitchen.....

Am I lucky or what?

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

New Beginings

I haven't updated in a while and yet again I apologize, Tyler and I are staying at my parents this week so that means internet! Yay!! The sad news is that my parents and my sister and brother in law are in Disney with our nieces, and I really wish Tyler and I were there too. Oh well, we'll get to take our kids there one day so its all good :)

On to the update:
We finally have wedding pictures!!! I'll post a few of my favorites
I got a new job that I start on Monday, YAY!
And on sad news, my Papaw passed away last Monday. He was 88 years old and was ready to go see the Lord. He had a stroke and was transferred from the VA hospital to Wake Forest Baptist Medical where they found he had a massive tumor in his brain. From there he faded fast but was never in any pain, and everyone was able to spend time with him and he was surrounded with family and love. The funeral was this past Saturday and it was beautiful, there were tears, laughs, and praising God. I'm so happy he is were he really wants to be but it's still sad that he is gone. I'm just so thankful to have had 24 years with him and that he was able to attend Tyler and I's wedding. He really will be missed.

Ok on to some pictures...

They aren't in order but whatever haha, and they are all thanks to  She was amazing to work with and so much fun!
This was a short/random post as always but now I gotta get ready for work!!

<3 Bekah

Monday, October 10, 2011

No internet

So I know I vowed to blog more once Tyler and I got married but not having internet at our house has put a hitch in that plan. I have been begging though so hopefully cable and internet will soon be part of our daily life, I miss being connected to the outside world haha.
In other news married life is great, im still getting used to not having to go to my parents house every night though. I got in a routine of having to leave Tyler half asleep on the couch around 10:30 every night. So im very glad that now instead we get to go to bed whenever we feel like it. Like last night we were passed out in bed by 10:15 (but had to wake up at 5:30 which was no fun).
Anyways, moral of the story is as soon as we get internet I will for real be a blogger :)

Friday, September 9, 2011

Two weeks at midnight

Two weeks from today I will be at a hotel suite in uptown Charlotte with my girls attempting to get some sleep...... Because two weeks from tomorrow is WEDDING DAY!!!

Holy Moses where did the last year go? My to do list is still pretty long but its all just silly little stuff : buy a garter, assemble programs, finalize selections with DJ... etc. Which I think is all the normal last minute stuff. Whats not normal about me at this point is the fact that I have poison ivy all over both arms, my chest and my back..... Yeah it needs to hurry up and go away or else I'll match my decorations and be covered in pink calamine lotion at the wedding.

On to something cute, so Tyler has started nesting, you know, the thing that moms do right before they have babies because they have to make sure the house is ready.
Yup he started last night, we were hanging out watching TV talking about how close the wedding is and next thing I know he is in the kitchen rearranging EVERYTHING! Like moving things around on the counters, switching where stuff is in drawers, all of it. So I just sat and watched him do his thing then it hit me and I instantly went "aww you're getting the house ready for me!!". Tyler immediately turned bright red and responded with a "well I mean yeah... I guess...". Haha he is so cute :)

Now as usual I'm over blogging, I'm exhausted and can't focus to write. I promise this blog will actually be something soon :)

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

To do

Were at 39 days on the countdown and I'm constantly sick to my stomach. I fell like there is so much to be done when there really isnt (or at least I'm trying to tell myself that), however my to do list is telling me other wise.

And to top it off there is a to do list a mile long for our house:
Get walls ready and marked off in bedroom (stripes anyone?)
Paint master bedroom
Sand the HECK out of the walls, and get all the wallpaper remnants off the walls in bathroom
Paint master bathroom
Re-caulk and paint shed
Clean entire house with bleach (I have ocd)
Move the rest of my stuff in
Organize kitchen
Find a washer and dryer
Get dish washer fixed
Fix outlets in bathrooms (I have to be able to dry/straighten my hair)
Get new mail box (realllly want a pink one....)
Get internet (sorry I can't deal without it, especially if I want to actually blog)
Look into cable..... maybe, right now we get FOX and ABC so I'm set for the fall lineup
Get our yard in order (Tyler has been working 70+ hours a week lately so it hasn't been done)
Clean out the garage (I've never parked in a garage before and I really want to be able to put my TC in our little one car garage)
Paint kitchen knobs
Paint bathroom knobs
Organize our closet

There is more but I just can't think right now, and trying to think about it has pushed me to the brink of a panic attack which I did not want to deal with right now.


I will show you what we have done so far in the house though

Friday, August 12, 2011

43 days

I want to wear my wedding dress so bad...... I can't even put into words how badly I want to put on my dress and walk down the aisle to my future husband.

Anyways, today I went to my friend Leona's house for her to play with my hair and we figured out how I'm going to wear it (stress off my shoulders), and had a fun time hanging out. I'm also now in love with her HUGE golden retriever Sunny (no lie he probably weighs at least 100 lbs, and is the size of a small pony), if I could've fit him in my purse I would've brought him home. More wedding news, I ordered ties off of a random website the other day just to see if the color would match because we have had NO luck finding ties in the color I want, and YAY they came in yesterday and they match perfectly. Not even going to lie I about cried because I was so excited.

On chemical peel news, today is day 3 and all around my nose and mouth has peeled and now is bright red..... I tried to take a picture but you can't get the full effect. It also burns every time I put on lotion which sucks because I have to keep my skin hydrated. Why do women do things like this to themselves? I will never understand it.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Quadrupal stamped and Chemical peeled

Well over the past few days I have finished the tags for the favors! YAY!! I added our monogram to the back and the date of the wedding to the front, so yeas I double stamped again last night. Needless to say I was up late again. I also had the daunting task of cutting 300 strips of tulle to tie the tags onto the favors. Goodness gracious.
This is what 300 strips of tulle looks like!

At least thats one more thing off the to do list! Also today I got my second chemical peel, and it sucked just as much as the first one did. Which is to be expected seeing that it is basically acid that causes your skin to peel off. The girl that does mine was saying that she "loves the feeling of a chemical peel now because she knows the benefits of them" I responded with "like tequila shots, they burn but are totally worth it", I had to say something to take the edge off! The hand held fan she had blowing on my face was not helping as much as it should. For those of you that have never had a chemical peel here is how it goes:
  1. Sign a release form saying that you know that your face is going to peel off like a snake and if you pick at it you will be forever scared and or have hyper-pigmentation and you have to come in for lazer treatment/more peels to lessen the apperance of scaring.
  2. Your esthitician will then wash your face and neck which feels amazing!! Its the calm before the storm.
  3. Next is the medical grade acetone, yup the stuff they use to take nail polish off, "No its not the same as the nail stuff I promise". The acetone feels like she is rubbing a super cold ice cube all over your face, and don't breath because it stinks..... like acetone.
  4. Here comes the chemical part, it is applied with a cotton ball of death. It doesn't sting at first, give it 10 seconds..... They hold a little fan on your face which seems like its makes it worse until they take the fan away and you realize it feels like there is fire all over your face.
  5. After your whole face is coated a few times in the chemical you get to sit while she holds the fan on your face for a few minuets until the burning is tolerable. 
  6. Moisturizer is then applied all over which helps too, and your sent on your way with a little sheet of paper with the "Post Peel Protocol" sheet.
And to think I'm going back in four weeks to do it all again!!!!  I also can't tan my face...... epic fail, but its worth it to have beautiful, sexy skin!!!! Or at least I hope it is.  I will also post a picture in a few days so I can show everyone just how gross I look with flaky skin :) Get stoked.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Late night ideas

I have to be up for work in 5 hours but of course I can't sleep. Tyler is asleep in our guest room (its QFC week at work which means long/early days, so he stays here at my parents so his commute is about an hour shorter each way), and I'm wide awake in my room watching Pawn Stars. Anyways back to the point, I want to learn how to scrap book! It has always been an ambition of mine that I've just never actually done. In fact a have a super cute scrap book that I bought probably 5 years ago and has sat empty in my desk drawer since I got it. I just switched the monogram in the front from a B to an F, I figure it can be our first scrapbook of our married life. I plan to document it as best I can, wish me luck.
Soon to be "our first scrap book". I mean come on, after planning this wedding for a year, I'll have so much free time once were married! I'll have to do something with my life :)

Monday, August 8, 2011

300 holes to punch

I just punched out, double stamped, and hole punched 300 tags for our wedding favors.
My hands hurt to say the least, and I keep asking myself "why on earth did DIY sound like such a good idea"?
I still need to find a pretty pen to write the date on them (on all 300 of them, am I nuts?) so that is next on my list of things to find, hopefully I can find one at Michaels because I now have two 40% off coupons that are good until the 20th. Also discovered today that the Michaels in Sycamore Commons is way better then the one at the Arboretum (yes I went to both) in case anyone is wondering.
 This is my bag o' tags, doesn't look like much, but spread out on the ottoman in my den it looked like a horrible idea.
I also found out today that my nails are too long to be painted pink, they look hooker chic at this point, which is not the look I was going for. Until wedding day they will just have to be plain clear (lame)

Well that's the update on the wedding stuff for today, below is a non wedding stuff story...... Silly dogs.

48 Days to go

Why I've decided to start a blog in the home stretch of this wedding planning stuff I don't quite know. To be honest I started two others in the past year and have slowly let them die but this is it, the real deal! I'm vowing to keep up with this blog! I even set up a new email address today (using my future married name), which was pretty exciting in my book. However I feel like the process of switching everything to a new email address will be a pain, then I remind myself that out of everything I have to switch once were married the email address will be the easiest. I just decided that this post is going to be long, I'm going to attempt to sum up the past year and a half just to get everyone caught up on Tyler and I's relationship (since our future marriage is going to be the main focus of this blog).